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Turn your notes to slides

NoMore handels the questions

Save time: Turn rough inputs into slides

  • Whether you provide, notes, pictures of white boards, excel dumps, or PDFs we turn your input into proper PowerPoint slides and send them back the same day.

Visually enhance existing slides

NoMore is always available

Quality: Take your presentations to the next level

  • While you focus on the content we visually enhance your existing slides, adding relevant visual effects and make sure you leave a good impression.

Implement company guidelines

Scope and clarification

Consistency: Make all slides follow your strict guidelines

  • Based on mixed input, we incorporate your, or your client's, template or guidelines into a given presentation and ensure that all slides are fully consistent.

The Denmark-based team is available from 07:00 to 23:00

  • In order to provide the best possible service, our dedicated Denmark-based team is available from 07:00 to 23:00 CET on all weekdays and from 10:00 to 16:00 on weekends.
The NoMore Support Team

We have identified the top 2% PowerPoint specialists

  • In order to deliver affordable outsourcing services, No-More uses a modern, tailor-made platform to identify the best people to handle each request e.g. expert designers, and presentation specialists.
  • We test people from around the globe. Due to the requirements of our tests, and NDA only 2% are invited to conduct work as a specialist.
Only top 2% of specialists are given projects

80% of all requests are delivered the same day

  • All requests sent before 23:00 CET, which cannot be completed before 23:00 CET that day, will be scoped, initiated and executed for delivery the following morning.
  • So far, we deliver 80% of all requests the same day and 99.5% of projects are delivered according to the client's deadlines.
Project End-to-End delivery time

How it works

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Receive your completed, quality checked project or task by email the same day.

Client Testimonials

"No-More gives me a valuable option to outsource various ad hoc tasks that I used to hate doing myself and which our internal team would normally take forever to do"

Client picture from PowerPoint services

Senior Sales Responsible

Nordic Consulting Company

"I use No-More’s PowerPoint services several times a week for both large and small tasks - the turnaround time is impressive and really lets me focus on more important work"

Client picture from PowerPoint outsourcing

Head of strategy

International Retail Company

"No-More helped us set up a new and much more professional PowerPoint template and later implemented that template across various sales pitches"

Client Story

A template design resulted in ongoing PowerPoint support for the Board of Directors meetings
  • The client needed a partner that could help build a new PowerPoint template which was consistent with a new set of internal design guidelines.
  • No-More was contacted to do the PowerPoint template, and when the client experienced No-More’s fast turnaround times and high quality, the number of requests quickly grew.
  • Today the client uses No-More's PowerPoint for visually enhancing the presentations at the monthly Board of Director meetings.

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